Wednesday, August 9, 2017

What to Do With an Ugly & Damaged Concrete Patio

It is quite a challenge having to maintain outdoor concrete surfaces. A concrete patio, for example, is often exposed to harsh weather changes. While it is possible for it to acquire damage and lose its original beauty, it is not impossible to make it look as good as it was, if not better. Here are things you can do to breathe new life to ugly and damaged patios:

Resurface with a Coating or Overlay

stamped-concrete-patioOne of the most popular and decorative solutions is to resurface the patio. Resurface means to add a new layer to the damage patio. A stamped overlay is applied thinly on the surface and then stamped by mat or by hand with your chosen pattern. Some of the popular patterns include:

  • Slate
  • Flagstone
  • Brick
  • Cobblestone
  • Ashlar
  • And more

Another resurfacing solution is a spray knockdown finish. A professional concrete contractor sprays the acrylic concrete coating on the old patio and then knocks them down manually with a trowel. The effect is a textured surface that is highly heat-reflective.

Refinish with Concrete Staining

stained concrete patio orange county

If the surface of the patio is still intact but with ugly stains and discolored areas, then refinishing it would be an ideal solution. Acid or water-based stains can update the look of a concrete patio almost instantly. These do not peel, flake, or peel, especially if a sealer is applied on the stained concrete.

  • Acid stain - This is a reactive stain that creates random effects and shades of the chosen color. The result is a mottled, stone-like look that is unique and can never be replicated. The colors of this solution are semi-translucent.
  • Water-based stain - This is a non-reactive solution that produces opaque, more consistent colors. This is a perfect choice if you plan to customize the patio with a pattern or image.

Score, Engrave, or Cut

concrete patio orange county

Scoring, engraving, or saw-cutting a concrete patio is an effective method of dealing with working cracks. Working cracks are those that keep recurring and are caused by something unstoppable, like soil movement. Cutting along the direction of the cut gives the slab more space for movement. As a result, it does not create more cracks. Just make sure that an experienced contractor does the cutting for it to be decorative and efficient in addressing the cracks. Popular designs for scoring or engraving are vines, swirls, repeated patterns, and the like.

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Thursday, August 3, 2017

4 Concrete Staining Tips for a Luxe Looking Interior Floor

Concrete floors used to be these gray, industrial-looking surfaces that are meant to be topped off with paint, tile, carpets, and other flooring materials. Until concrete stains came and changed the game. Now, concrete floors can transform to luxurious-looking surfaces almost instantly and less expensively. Here are some concrete staining tips for unbelievably stunning interior floors:

Think Out of the Box

stained concrete orange countyOften, floors are stained in earth tones, such as browns, reds, and the like. But if you feel adventurous, why not try some bolder and more vibrant hues instead? Concrete stains come in a wide range of colors. Some cool colors include aquamarine, orange, and even metallics. You can even mix two or more to acquire more interesting ones. A professional concrete contractor can help you with mixing and deciding on interesting colors.

Complement the Indoor Color Scheme

stained concrete interior floors orange county

One of the safest ways to choose a stain color is by using a complementary shade. For example, if your living room has a blue theme going on the walls, furniture, and decor, choose a contrasting yet complementing color like dark brown or beige. Do not ever use the exact same color to prevent a single color overload. It would definitely be an eyesore to see blue everywhere you turn your head.

Seal the Stained Concrete

stained concrete orange county

Applying a layer of sealer is crucial after staining concrete floors. This will seal in the color, make it last longer, and protect it from damage. Another advantage in applying a concrete sealer is that it has the ability to enhance the colors further. After sealing, the colors look shinier, deeper, and more luxurious. Sealer coats often last a couple of years or more, depending on usage and foot traffic. If it fades, it needs to be reapplied to revive the protective and enhancing function.

Rely on a Pro

Water-based and acid stain solutions may seem like an easy product to install. Although there are hundreds of DIY tutorials on how to stain concrete, nothing is as efficient as having an expert do it. Why? A licensed contractor understands concrete better so he will know if the floor could still be stained or not. A highly trained pro with several years of experience would be able to come up with effective workarounds and remedies in case something does not work as it should. A pro would be able to do apply the stain quickly, effectively, and with zero bloopers.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

4 Cool Decking Tips: How to Decorate It

A cool decking is an outdoor pool deck that stays cool to the touch even after baking under the sun for hours. It makes it a lot easier to walk on or lie on when sunbathing. In Orange County, family and friends will surely love gathering over barbecue and some cool drinks on a pool deck that is heat-reflective, slip-resistant, and durable. Although a cool deck overlay is beneficial as it is, aesthetics is one feature you should not forget. Having an appealing deck also helps the outdoor pool experience to be a lot more enjoyable. Here are some tips on how you can enhance the look of cool deck coatings:

1. Add Color

cool decking orange county

 If the resurfaced or refinished pool deck looks plain and boring, why not add a splash of color? It is important to ask the cool deck resurfacing contractor first about painting or staining it. The surface would need to have cured well enough to accept a change in color. While painting is an easier way to do it, it is highly recommended to use concrete stains. This penetrates deep into the deck so it does not peel, flake, or fade away.

2. Add Patterns

cool decking orange county

There are many different patterns available today that can be used on pool decks. For a cool decking, the pattern can be applied through stamping, engraving, or the use of stencils. You can choose a design based on the exterior of the home, the theme the pool area is going for, or to make the pool deck look like real, natural stone.

3. Seal the Surface

cool deck resealing

Cool deck resealing is highly recommended not only to add a layer of protection to the surface but also to enhance its aesthetics. Sealers come in a variety of gloss levels, from flat to high gloss. If you are worried about compromising sheen for slip-resistance, you can incorporate a fine aggregate with a high gloss sealer to enhance its shine while improving traction.

4. Use with Other Systems

cool decking orange county

There are other decorative concrete options out there for pool decks. The great thing about cool decking is that you can use it with other systems. For example, you can have a spray knockdown finish in certain areas and then some stamped concrete overlay patterns on the other areas. Mixing and matching them creates a unique, but highly aesthetic pool deck that pool owners will truly adore.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Common Pool Dangers and How to Prevent Them

Swimming pools are popular areas of fun and recreation in Orange County. However, everyone should be wary of the possible dangers lurking in every pool area. Here are some of the most common and some tips on how to prevent them.

Slips and Falls

slip and fall

It is common for pool users to walk barefoot on the pool deck. However, knowing that water often splashes on it, it can get pretty slippery. People who have been in the water get worse injuries. Why? Soaked skin acquires wounds and scratches easier. The best possible solution to this is a cool deck resurfacing. There are several cool deck coatings available that promote cooler surfaces to walk on despite long exposure to sunlight. These are either sprayed or stamped, creating a textured surface that is slip-resistant.



There are many causes for drowning aside from the lack of swimming knowledge. Sometimes, even strong swimmers have close encounters. One cause is pool toys. Make sure that the toys you allow kids to play with in the pool should be made specifically for the pool. It is also important to check inflatable items and make sure that there are no holes whatsoever.



This is a common danger anywhere where people spend hours under the sun. In a pool area, there is more skin to burn. A no-brainer solution is to apply sunscreen before heading to the swimming pool. You may also add some sort of shade in some areas of the pool deck where people can relax away from the direct heat of the sun. Another part that gets burned is foot soles. Most pool deck materials absorb heat so much that walking on them hurts. It is highly recommended to apply a cool deck overlay to make it more heat-reflective. A cool decking stays 30% cooler underfoot than other deck materials.

Electric Shock

electric shock

If your pool has a heater, in-pool lighting, electric water features, or anything that makes use of electricity, the risk of electric shock is there. It is important to hire a licensed electrician to run all the cables to all these facilities, making sure that they won’t cause any danger.


Chemical Exposure

chemicalWater is often treated with Chlorine to kill bacteria. However, it is important to consult a pool professional to know the right amount of chlorine to put in the pool. Too much can be detrimental to swimmers as it gets into their skin and bits of it gets swallowed, too. It is also important to store the chemicals in a spot where kids can’t reach it.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

5 Ways to Make Your Home Child-Friendly

A home is supposed to be a safe and comfortable haven for children. However, for those who are yet to have kids, the features of the home need to be tweaked to make it more child-friendly. Here are some suggestions on how you can keep kids safe within your property.

1. Slip-resistant Pool Deck

knockdown texture

The pool deck is a favorite area for most kids. However, it is also the most dangerous especially when they run around after taking a dip in the pool. The wet concrete pool deck can be quite slippery. Of all pool deck texture coatings available nowadays, the spray knockdown texture comes highly recommended. The trowel finish creates a non-skid surface with improved traction and grip. Another benefit of spray texture is that it stays cooler to the touch than other pool deck materials despite long hours of exposure to sunlight.

2. Cushioned Furniture

throw pillowsWhen you have kids in the house, expect them to be throwing themselves around carelessly. This is one reason why furniture should be cushioned. You may also want to add some throw pillows to help prevent bumps and bruises.


3. Rounded Furniture

round tablesIt is quite odd that kids always bump into sharp and pointy stuff. Rounded furniture helps prevent injuries. Opt for a round table or chairs with rounded seats. If you can’t afford a new set of furniture, there are rubber thing-a-ma-jigs you can add to pointy and sharp corners to make it safer for kids.


4. Non-glass Items

high shelvesIf you have valuable items that are very fragile, like glass, keep it in areas that kids can’t reach. You can put them on the topmost shelf or inside cabinets. Having kids around, homeowners need to keep valuable and breakable items first and wait until the kids are big enough to be careful around the house.

5. Covered or In-ground Trampolines

trampolineTrampolines are fun for both kids and adults. However, there are times when children would jump and bounce back outwards onto the grass, acquiring serious injuries. An ideal solution is to cover the trampoline with net walls. This way, the kids stay safe on the trampoline regardless of which direction they bounce back to. If you don’t like the net, consider an in-ground trampoline instead. This is set up at the same level as the ground itself. Under the trampoline, however, the ground is dug up and filled with sod or sand.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Knockdown Texture on Pool Decks: Why It’s Ideal

When it comes to pool decks, the most common material used is concrete. Although it is durable, it is not really an ideal option. Fortunately, a knockdown texture has become available for use on concrete pool decks. It is an acrylic concrete coating that is sprayed instead of applied on the surface. Why is it the most ideal of all pool deck texture coatings available today?

knockdown texture


This coating is sprayed using a hopper gun and the sprayed material is troweled a bit to knock down sharp tips. This method creates a trowel finish that is similar to stucco. The difference with stucco is that the knocked down coating has a less intense texture. This makes it easier to walk on even with bare feet. The great thing about this texture is that it enhances traction, making the pool deck less slippery.


The acrylic concrete spray texture has this heat-reflective feature that keeps the surface cooler than other types of pool deck materials. Regardless of how long it has been baking under the sun, the coating is 30% cooler. This makes it even more comfortable for bare feet to walk on.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The texture of a knockdown finish is interesting and unique. It gives the pool deck a certain kind of appeal that is subtle enough to blend in with the pool area but textured enough to turn heads. It can be further enhanced by engraving or saw cutting. Another way to customize its look is through concrete staining. Although acrylic concrete coating comes in a few different colors, concrete stains come in a wider range of colors. You may also use it with other resurfacing systems like stamped overlays.


The most common myth about resurfacing systems like a knockdown texture is that it is not durable enough. Although only a thin layer of this material is applied on the concrete pool deck, it is durable and sturdy enough to stay put and last a couple of years or more. Moreso with a layer of concrete sealer.


Compared to tearing out the old concrete pool deck and replacing it with a new one, spraying it with an acrylic concrete coating is a lot more affordable. Labor and materials cost less and the maintenance required is very minimal. Although affordable, the quality, durability, appeal, and function of the pool deck itself are never compromised.

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